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Alaskan Mammoth Tusk
Alaskan Mammoth Tusk

Alaskan Mammoth Tusk

Hagars Fossil and Minerals
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This fossil mammoth tusk has rich beautiful earth tone colors stained by the minerals in the ground, with varying shades of tans, blues, greens, creams and brown.

The blue and green colors come from the mineral Vivianite.

It comes with a custom-made Missouri Black Walnut stand.

Mammuthus primigenius
Pleistocene era 20,000 +/- years old 

This tusk weighs 1.5 pounds, measures 14 inches long.  

This fossil has minor restoration.

* The sale of mammoth tusks is restricted in these states.

- Illinois, California, Hawaii, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Washington State, District of Columbia